“ Chris Olex is exceptional!  She captivates an audience with her pure energy and sincerity.  Her delivery of content inspires learning, meaningful self reflection and development, laughter, participation and memorable take-aways that make a positive difference in employee performance!”
— Janet Nevin, retired Senior Manager at a major city Utility company
“I highly recommend Chris Olex.  She continues to impress with her attention to content details and client needs throughout all stages of a process - a presentation, a training day, or a culture survey project.   She brings curiosity and exploration along with results.”
— Kristin Gustafson, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Turnstone Biologics
“Chris is an amazing presence. She brings a high level of energy, positive reinforcement, and serious know-how in getting you to do the hard work of working on yourself! We work with Chris on a continuing basis and in a number of different capacities - from small workshops to large, multi-day workshops and they have all been incredibly successful. Chris creates a lively, trusting and communicative atmosphere that really brings people to the table, challenges you to really define your goals, and makes you motivated and prepared to take the right steps to achieve your goals.”
— Dr. Meredith Hastings, President of the Earth Science Women's Network, Professor at Brown University