Develop your team.  Develop you.

Christina Olex

Chris Olex is a Corporate Trainer and Facilitator specializing in team and personal development. Relying on experience gained from all levels of the training process -- from client management to delivery and evaluation -- she works to build strong relationships with a wide range of clients to design, develop, and deliver professional programs serving 10 to 500 participants. For over 15 years, Chris has utilized a variety of teaching methodologies, particularly experiential learning, as a means to help clients fully connect training content to direct application in the workplace and in their personal lives.  

Chris believes in the power of assessments for self-discovery, and is a certified trainer for the following instruments:
- Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™
- DiSC™
- Effective Intelligence™
- Emotional Intelligence and the EI360™
- Motivation Factor™.  

Chris values partnership and has worked in collaboration with the following organizations:
- Leapfrog Innovations
- The Institute for Health and Human Potential
- Edgework Consulting
- Denison Consulting
- The Matchbox Group
- Pfizer
- Emergent BioSolutions
- DISCCRS - Whitman College and the University of Oregon

Chris lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts. She is a graduate of Bradley University and holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology focusing in Organizational Behavior and Leadership.  In her free time, Chris tries to enjoy running and triathlons, really enjoys persuading her friends to try new, wacky things, and has even enjoyed hiking the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail.